What to Expect After Your Breast Augmentation

By on 11/11/2015 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

After breast augmentation, there are some normal expectations with this very popular procedure. First of all, you will not see the final results immediately because the tissues are not used to the increased volume. The breasts and the breast tissue need time to stretch, which can take at least six to eight weeks to see an initial result and sometimes months before the desired final results appear. Before your breast augmentation, the tissues are very tight, which can give the sensation of pressure on your chest post-surgery. This is normal, especially with an under the muscle placement and there is generally some soreness for the first couple of days. However, a combination of the post-operative massage of the implants and prescribed pain medication will usually keep this to a minimum. It is unusual for a patient to have severe pain after breast augmentation with the type of anesthesia and medications Dr. Wiener currently uses. It is usual for patients to have hypersensitivity of the nipples and/or the skin over the breasts for a few weeks or even a few months after surgery, since the nerves are restoring after the procedure. Post-operative massage will help keep the breast pocket open that Dr. Wiener created during surgery and it will also help stretch the tissues, so the implants drop into their correct position. This aides the breasts to maintain a more natural feel, ensuring outstanding results. As always, following important restrictions after surgery is critical to minimize potential risks and have a completely safe and confident outcome.