Which Incision Should I Choose for Breast Augmentation?

By on 04/25/2016 in ASPS, Blog, Breast Augmentation

There are three major incision choices for breast augmentation. The first is called the inframammary incision, which is in the fold beneath the breast. The second is the periareolar incision, which is at the bottom edge of the nipple. The third is the axillary incision, which is in the armpit. There was also a fourth incision, which is not used by most plastic surgeons, which is called the umbilical incision, or the transumbilical incision. I use the inframammary and the periareolar incisions exclusively. I do not use the axillary incision because of a higher incidence of uneven placement of the implant. Based on research that I did and published a number of years ago, and which is a landmark paper in the plastic surgery literature, I showed that the inframammary incision, which is the incision in the fold beneath the breast, has a decreased risk of capsular contracture, which is hardening of the tissue around the implant. Capsular contracture can require a very big surgery, and sometimes multiple surgeries to attempt to correct. So trying to avoid this problem is important. Although the periareolar incision is certainly a reasonable incision, with the higher risk of contracture, this can become problematic as far as this major risk. Therefore in your consultation, I will go over the balance between your desire and my recommendation for increased safety.