What can I do to correct my uneven breasts?

By on 06/29/2015 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Correction of uneven breasts is often a desire for a woman who comes in for a breast consultation. There are various options depending on the type of asymmetry that is present and also the desire as far as the size of the breasts, and therefore various options include breast augmentation, breast lift, or even breast reduction. It is important to understand that some types of differences from one breast to the other can be improved and others cannot, and with breast augmentation in particular, because the size of the breast is increasing, some of the differences from one breast to the other will actually be increased because these differences are magnified. Some of these differences include differences in the height of the nipple and the height of the breast itself and also the sideways pointing of the breasts, all of which are typically actually increased when a breast implant is placed. When one breast is significantly larger than the other and there is not a desire to increase the breast size on the smaller side, a breast reduction can be done on the larger side to help improve the difference in the apparent size. This may not change differences in the height of the breasts, however, because the breast reduction and also a breast lift don't change the height of the breast itself. It only changes the position of the nipple. These concepts are important to understand, and this is the reason that the consultation and follow up visits are important, because these are things that are reviewed during the examination. I will typically point out differences that a woman has from one breast to the other and help her to understand how some of these differences will be improved and how some of the differences will actually be increased or worsened.