Vacation breasts? What is the 24 hour breast augmentation?

By on 02/18/2015 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants, In The News

There have been some recent online articles circulating that describe a 24-hour breast augmentation. These articles report that a saline solution is injected into the breast tissue to give the temporary appearance of breast augmentation, typically lasting 24 hours or less. The articles suggest that the results give women an idea of the appearance of breast implants without going through an actual breast augmentation procedure. The advantage of this 24-hour breast augmentation is that it can give the patient an idea and approximate appearance of how their breasts would look and feel with a breast augmentation. The downside, however, is the cost. The cost of this procedure makes up a significant percentage of the cost of a normal breast augmentation surgery. Another disadvantage includes medical risks. Any medical procedure such as an injection carries the potential risk of infection or could cause a hematoma, or a collection of blood from hitting a blood vessel. Overall, I do not feel that this is a worthwhile procedure. Instead, during a consultation at my practice, a patient can try on breast implant sizers, or breast implants placed into a bra. The patient can look in the mirror and get a reasonable idea of what they may look like after breast augmentation. After having done this for many years, and many thousands of patients, the majority of patients are satisfied with the traditional breast augmentation sizing technique I offer.