Top Two Things You May Not Know About Breast Augmentation

By on 10/19/2016 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a surgery to place a breast implant into the breast to increase size. It is often believed that this surgery will correct all types of asymmetry from one breast to the other such as differences in size, shape, and height of the breast. It is also often believed that any size implant can be placed in any size breast. This is actually not true. Beginning with symmetry, there are certain types of asymmetries that will actually increase after breast augmentation because you are actually magnifying the differences as you increase the breast size. Some of these include differences in height of the nipples or the breasts and also the sideways pointing of the breasts. The way to imagine this is if you take a Marks-A-Lot and put a dot on one side of a balloon and you blow the balloon up. The dot moves farther out to the side that it is placed on. The other issue regarding size is that there are limits to both how large and how small an implant can be placed safely in the breast. Ideally, the breast implant diameter should not exceed the breast diameter, because this can cause deformities of the breast which can be very difficult or impossible to correct. Likewise, placing a very small implant in a wide breast can actually create problems of the tissue hanging over the implant. There is a balance to breast augmentation in choosing the implant size appropriately matched to the breast size.