Top Questions to Ask Before Your Breast Augmentation

By on 09/02/2016 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a major surgery just like any other surgery, and there are issues to take into consideration before this. The first is to make sure that you know your complete medical history, including all previous surgeries, any medical problems, and all medications, including over the counter medications that you take. This is very important for your surgeon to know because some of these issues and previous surgeries and medications will affect your breast augmentation. The other thing is, to have some idea as to what you are looking for with breast augmentation. Is it purely increase in size? Is it some change in the shape of the breast? Are there other issues such as sagging that may need correction? Those are the things to think about with surgery. Also, with breast augmentation, of course one of the major issues is deciding what type of implant that you would like. The choices are saline implants and silicone gel implants. And further with silicone gel, in my practice, I use Sientra, silicone gel breast implants, and they have two types of silicone gel. Both are cohesive gel implants. In other words, you can cut them in half and they will not flow. They maintain their shape. But they have one that is a more highly cohesive gel implant. It is currently called the Style 107, and this can help to fight gravity a little bit more than the regular cohesive gel implant. So, in a standing position, it can help to maintain a little bit more volume in the upper part of the breast above the nipple. I am currently only one of about three plastic surgeons in Texas who can use this implant. Of course, thinking about what size you are potentially wanting, and until you actually have the consults, this can be a little bit more difficult because the sizing process actually occurs during the consultation. This is where I help you to figure out what size that you are looking for. Coming in with at least a rough idea is important even though when I first do a consultation I ask you what cup size you wear now, and what cup size you would like to wear. That gives me a ballpark range as far as what to look for in the sizing process. Of course we know that cup size is not an actual determination of breast size, because that is only determined by who makes the bra. So, it's the appearance that you will see in the sizing process that will be most important. Talking to Dr. Wiener about these issues, your medical history, and your desires for the surgery will help to get you the best result possible.