The History of Plastic Surgery by ASPS

By on 04/22/2015 in Blog

Here is a fascinating slide show of the history of plastic surgery provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. I have been lucky enough to know many of those involved, including Dr. Thomas Cronin and Dr. Frank Gerow who invented the silicone gel breast implant here in Houston in 1962. I was trained in the plastic surgery program that Dr. Cronin founded, and also had training at an affiliated program where Dr. Gerow was on staff. Dr. Biggs, one of my mentors and teachers, was present in the operating room the day that Drs. Cronin and Gerow came up with the idea of the silicone gel implant. The history of plastic surgery is ancient, going back thousands of years in attempts to enhance the human form or correct defects of the body, both congenital or traumatic. Click the link below to view the slide show!