Sientra Silicone Breast Implants Return to the Market

By on 03/14/2016 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

A number of months ago, Sientra voluntarily removed their silicone gel breast implants from the market because of a manufacturing issue. This was extensively studied, and Sientra Silicone Gel Breast implants will return to the market starting March 1, 2016. There was no safety issue involved. Dr. Wiener likes to use this implant because it is the only fifth generation silicone gel implant in a round, smooth option. Fifth generation silicone gel implants contain a more cohesive gel, maintaining their shape better and producing less rippling as compared to other silicone gel implants. Silicone implants are known to produce far less rippling than saline implants, but it can still occur. However, I have not yet noticed any rippling in a patient with the Sientra implant. With the Sientra implant, Dr. Wiener uses what is called the moderate plus style of round, smooth implant. This style of implant offers a bit more projection outward of the breast, which tends to give the breast a better shape. Sientra has also developed an even more cohesive gel implant, style 107, which is useful for women who want to have a more rounded shape to the breast as well as maintain more volume in the upper part of the breast itself. This implant is not typically used for the average breast augmentation, but is useful in particular for patients who need breast augmentation with a breast lift. It can also help to maintain additional volume in the upper part of the breast. Each person has their own unique wants and needs with a breast augmentation, and with the return of the Sientra silicone gel implants to the market, patients will have more options for breast augmentation surgery. If you are located in the Houston, TX area and are interested in a breast augmentation, contact Dr.