Round Implants vs. Shaped Implants: The Pros and Cons of Both

By on 09/25/2015 in Blog, Breast Augmentation, Breast Implants

Many women have a specific desire for the shape of the breast that they would like to have after breast augmentation. To some degree, the implant is going to give some shape to the breast but the majority of the breast shape itself is actually due to the anatomy of the breast prior to the surgery. Many women want a more natural appearing breast and feel that the anatomic or the teardrop implant will give this. In reality, however, there have been studies showing that there is surprisingly little difference in the end results of the breast shape with a round versus an anatomic implant. Much of the reason for this is because even a round implant, as it sits in the breast and gravity acts on it, will assume a somewhat tear drop appearance. A study referred to in a previous blog post described an article in the plastic surgery literature in which a number of plastic surgeons were asked to determine if a postoperative patient had anatomic or round implants. There was no greater ability for the plastic surgeons to determine which implant the patient had rather than picking by chance. There are certain situations when one implant may be preferable to the other and the anatomic implant is, quite possibly, a better implant for a breast reconstruction after cancer surgery because the tissue coverage is exceptionally thin. Also, with the anatomic implant, there is a chance of rotation of the implant in the breast pocket and if it does rotate, this can deform the breast. In general, the results of a round implant are very reliable and because a round implant is designed to rotate in the breast pocket there is not a problem of deformity of the breast with implant rotation.