Restore Your Younger Skin

By on 11/24/2015 in Aging, Blog, Skin Care

Good skin care is necessary starting early in life to minimize the effects of aging, especially on the facial skin. Starting a skin care regimen at anytime can give significant improvement. However, it is important to remember even hands, arms, and legs can be treated to help decrease the signs of aging. The most important first step to skin care is a good sunblock. This is necessary because the ultraviolet rays from the sun are one of the primary causes of wrinkling and increased pigmentation of the skin. If you also add cigarette smoking or nicotine to your daily routine, this can greatly accelerate aging of your skin because of the horrible skin side effects cigarettes have. One of the most common concerns of skin aging are fine lines and wrinkles. Although topical preparations will not necessarily remove these, they can be improved and reduced with a good skin-care regimen. This will often include a glycolic acid wash, along with a glycolic acid solution, and a premiere moisturizer. Another problem that is often addressed is increased pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Along with the glycolic acid solution, a hydroquinone and Retinol is often used to help treat this type of issue. With any type of skin-care regimen, it takes time for these medications to work, whether it be weeks or months for maximum improvement. Once again, it is important to emphasize the daily need for sunblock, generally a minimum of SPF 30. At Dr. Wiener’s office, we carry a full line of skin-care products. If you have any of these issues, Dr. Wiener will provide a complete explanation of what sort of treatments would be good for you at the time of your consultation. Rejuvenate and restore your younger appearance with a healthy skin-care routine.