How to Maintain Results after Liposuction

By on 06/09/2016 in Blog, Liposuction, Uncategorized

Liposuction is a procedure for removal of excess localized fat. Common areas for treatment are the tummy, the hip area and the thighs. When liposuction is done to improve the body contour, the idea is to maintain this improvement in your body image and your body shape. The way to do this is by following two methods, the first of which is a good exercise program. Exercise Exercise that Dr. Wiener typically recommends is joining a gym and going three times a week. An aerobic exercise is important; Dr. Wiener recommends 20 to 30 minutes of StairMaster or exercise bike, and 20 to 30 minutes of large muscle group weight training, or weight training for the arms and the legs. Both of these are necessary to maintain long term weight loss and to further improve the results of your body appearance. This also has to be taken into account with any medical issues or problems that you may have that may require clearance from your primary care doctor. Diet The other half of maintaining your liposuction results is your diet. “It is absolutely necessary to decrease the total amount of calories that you eat and get rid of the fried foods, the fatty foods and the carbohydrates - in other words bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, all of which get converted into sugars and then into fat,” Dr. Wiener said. A proper diet of lean meats such as chicken, fish and green vegetables in smaller amounts is necessary in order to maintain the results of your surgery. A change in lifestyle  is necessary in order to maintain the results, since lack of exercise and lack of good eating habits can cause excess fat to appear, even after liposuction. If you are interested in liposuction, and are in the Houston or surrounding areas, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!