Liposuction: laser, ultrasonic, tumescent, Smartlipo, which one?

By on 09/02/2014 in Liposuction

Liposuction is a method of fat removal to improve body contour in areas of fat excess. There are a number of different instruments and techniques to do this, and sometimes it can be confusing to figure out what to choose based on the advertising. The classic method of liposuction is called the tumescent technique, which means that a large amount of fluid and medication is pumped into the fat, then a hollow instrument called a cannula is used to suction the fat out. For most of these different methods of liposuction, the standard tumescent technique and cannula are used after the “newer” technique is done. These other methods have been developed with the idea of decreasing bruising and swelling, and to make it easier for the plastic surgeon to suction the fat. Although methods such as the ultrasonic or laser do make it easier to disrupt the fat, numerous studies have shown little or no difference in the end result regarding the contour achieved, or the amount of swelling and bruising. The potential disadvantage of some of these energy-based methods is a higher chance of skin burns or fluid collection under the skin. For these reasons, I choose to use the classic method of liposuction in order to decrease potential complications that could occur, as the results are the same.