How much weight will I lose with liposuction?

By on 04/29/2016 in Blog, Healthcare, Liposuction

When I do a liposuction consultation, a frequent question is how much weight will I lose. Although some weight loss will occur because the fat is being removed, the surgery is not specifically for weight loss. The surgery is to improve the contour or the shape of the body, and to reduce localized excesses of fat. So for instance, on the outer thighs, there may be a fairly large bulge of fat, but the total weight as compared to your entire body may not be a large amount. However, the change in shape or contour of the outer thighs can be very significant. The same thing as far as the tummy area, suctioning of this area can greatly improve the contour, although liposuction will not improve excess skin or stretched muscle, which can only be improved through a tummy tuck. There are some plastic surgeons who will do what is called large volume liposuction. However, I choose not to do this because the risks increase significantly with this procedure. So when thinking about liposuction, think about the areas that you would like to improve the shape rather than thinking of this as a weight loss surgery. Weight loss, in addition to the liposuction, is also going to be important because continued weight loss through a good exercise.