Gynecomastia Houston

Male breast enlargement, or gynecomastia, is a common problem for men that can lead to social embarrassment and self-consciousness. There are a number of causes, including hormonal imbalance and weight gain. This problem often first occurs in the adolescent years during the rapid hormone changes that are associated with puberty. Gynecomastia also occurs in adult years with weight gain. There can be other reasons for male breast enlargement including hormone-producing tumors, anabolic steroid use, and side-effects from certain medications. Our Houston male breast reduction surgery can be performed to reduce Gynecomastia. Dr. Wiener performs male breast reduction surgery on patients all over Houston and the surrounding areas of Pearland and League City, Texas. Male breast reduction patients trust Dr. Wiener to perform their surgery because of his cutting edge techniques and vast knowledge, bringing the best results in gynecomastia surgery Houston has to offer. When gynecomastia occurs in puberty, especially when severe, an evaluation is done by an endocrinologist. If no treatable cause is found, and the breast growth has been stable for two or more years, a male breast reduction in Houston can be done. In an adult, if male breast growth occurs in a slow fashion related to weight gain, no extensive diagnostic tests are typically necessary other than a physical exam. If the breast increase is rapid or primarily one sided, additional evaluation may need to be done.

How is Male Breast Reduction surgery in Houston performed?

A male breast reduction to correct gynecomastia usually involves a combination of liposuction and direct excision of the usually fibrous breast tissue. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Wiener makes the incision in the lower half of the areola or pigmented area surrounding the nipple. Through this incision, the prominent breast tissue mass located deep to the nipple is removed and the surrounding fat excess is liposuctioned out. Gynecomastia Houston This aesthetic surgery is done under intravenous anesthesia, and postoperatively, a compression vest is worn for a few weeks. Swelling may take a few months to completely resolve, and as can be seen in the photo gallery, swelling is still present at two months post-op. Our Houston gynecomastia surgery can improve the male chest contour and provide relief for this often embarrassing problem. Dr. Wiener serves patients from all over Houston and the surrounding areas. His office is conveniently located just 18 miles West of Baytown and 11 miles South of Pasadena, TX. If you are searching for the best results in male breast reduction Houston has to offer, contact our office today to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Wiener to see if male breast reduction is right for you! Dr. Wiener’s office is located in Clear Lake. Conveniently located near Houston, Texas.