Frequently Asked Questions About Tummy Tuck

By on 01/24/2017 in ASPS, Blog, Tummy Tuck

A Tummy Tuck in Houston is used to correct abdominal bulging and also skin sagging of the abdomen, oftentimes from previous pregnancy, aging, or weight loss. I am frequently asked in a consultation whether this will leave the abdomen completely flat, and the answer is no. The abdomen will be much flatter, but there is a normal, mild lower-abdominal bulge that is actually desirable because this leaves a feminine appearance to the abdomen. I'm also asked if the scar will go away, and although over the first year, the scar improves, there is always a visible scar. Patients also ask when they can resume exercise and return to work. As far as exercise, I recommend being off of all exercise and heavy lifting for six weeks, which will help to decrease the chance of the muscle repair rupturing, which I have seen happen in patients who did not follow this. As far as return to work, you will not be able to drive for two weeks, and as long as you can maintain the restrictions, and if someone else drives you during the first two weeks and you feel up to going back to work, you can certainly go back to work prior to two weeks, and many of my patients do. Another common question is, will drains be used for the surgery. Because of the progressive tension suture technique that I use, I do not use drains for tummy tucks. And this is much more convenient for you. Patients frequently ask if this is a painful procedure. And although there is certainly some discomfort, the pain is significantly less because of the nerve blocks that I do at the time of surgery which gives significant pain relief for the first day, and then the medications that are prescribed will also significantly reduce discomfort. When I used to do tummy tucks under standard general anesthesia, the patients had significantly more pain than they do now under the aesthetic technique that I'm using. A tummy tuck can lead to a much more youthful and attractive abdomen. If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, contact Dr. Wiener in Houston today to schedule your consultation.