Controlling and Correcting the Signs of Aging

By on 12/17/2014 in Aging, Blog

Regardless of skin type and condition, a majority of people are concerned with aging. Many factors contributing to aging cannot be prevented, yet their results can often be managed with proper skin care treatments and good products designed for each individual client. Although some of these offenders are unavoidable, many scientists believe that controllable factors are responsible for up to 85% of the appearance of aging. Intrinsic aging refers to the breakdown that occurs naturally as we age and are due to genetics and time. Loss of adipose tissue, thinning of the skin and a reduction in cell turnover, hydration and collagen production are a result of intrinsic aging. The preventable, or extrinsic signs of aging are discolorations, wrinkles, sun exposure, pollutants and chronic inflammation brought on by any number of factors. Fine lines and wrinkles are perhaps one of the biggest complaints from aging and one of the extrinsic factors contributing to this problem is free radical damage. Products containing antioxidants are ideal for fighting free radicals. Polyphenols are especially effective. They are found in various natural sources such as teas and fruits, these antioxidants provide anti-inflammatory action and cause the slowing of wrinkles. Taking antioxidant supplements is another important step to more youthful skin. Skin care products that increase cell turnover and collagen production are also essential for combating some of the factors that contribute to the aging process. Utilizing appropriate ingredients to replenish collagen and hydration, as well as preventing future damage with sunscreens and anti-inflammatory antioxidants can reduce this visible damage for firm, healthy skin for years to come.