A Study on Silicone Breast Implants: Round vs. Anatomic

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An interesting article was just published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal by some plastic surgeons in London. They studied whether a blinded panel of plastic surgeons could tell the difference in women with round vs. anatomic/teardrop silicone implants and whether the panel could identify which women had which implant shape. The conclusions showed that there


Vacation breasts? What is the 24 hour breast augmentation?

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There have been some recent online articles circulating that describe a 24-hour breast augmentation. These articles report that a saline solution is injected into the breast tissue to give the temporary appearance of breast augmentation, typically lasting 24 hours or less. The articles suggest that the results give women an idea of the appearance of


Dr. Wiener Speaks at TMA

By on 12/07/2014 in In The News

Dr. Wiener spoke at the Texas Medical Association Legislative Advocacy Meeting as representative for the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons on December 6, 2014. The topic was moving forward with a bill before the Texas legislature allowing physicians to dispense certain cosmetic treatments, as has been allowed in the past. This gives greater safety for


Penicillin Allergies

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An interesting article was recently published showing that most people who think they are penicillin allergic actually aren’t. The importance of this extends well beyond plastic surgery, but it is also important for plastic surgeons and their patients. Read the article here. Antibiotic coverage for most plastic surgery procedures is short term and basic. Many