Breast Lift vs. Breast Reduction: How do I know which one I need?

By on 06/19/2015 in Blog, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction

Many people are somewhat confused about the difference between a breast lift and a breast reduction. The two surgeries are actually the same procedure. The only difference is the amount of tissue that is removed. Both operations perform a lift, but it is important to understand what a lift does and does not do, and we'll get into that shortly. When a decrease in the size of the breast is desired the breast reduction is done, because this actually removes more tissue to reduce the size of the breast in addition to the actual lifting that is performed. When only a lift is desired the breast lift itself is done, because this removes only a minimal amount of tissue and does not significantly reduce the size of the breast. Although with a breast lift it can sometimes appear that the breast is slightly smaller, this is oftentimes due to the smaller skin envelope that is created because of removing excess skin, so therefore this tighter envelope can sometimes make it look like the breast size has been slightly reduced. The breast reduction, however, involves actually removing breast tissue and excess skin in order to reduce the size of the breast itself. The lift function of both surgeries, since the surgeries are essentially the same operation, is very important to understand. A breast lift and a breast reduction do not actually lift the breast itself. Even though a breast lift is called a breast lift, the breast is not lifted. The only thing that is lifted in a breast lift or a breast reduction is the nipple itself, and the nipple is only raised to the level of the fold beneath the breast. The breasts in a situation such as a sagging breast or a very large breast are frequently located very low on the chest and there is nothing that will actually change this. So once again, the lift portion of these operations only raises the nipple more centrally on the mound of the breast, and the breasts will actually stay just as low as they are.