The Best Candidate for a No-Drain Tummy Tuck

By on 12/20/2016 in Abdominoplasty, Blog, Tummy Tuck

When patients in the Houston area are unhappy with excess sagging skin on their lower abdomen, they often turn to a tummy tuck procedure. Dr. Thomas Wiener offers a no-drain tummy tuck at his practice, which many patients are also interested in. Read on to learn who is a good candidate for this procedure, as explained by Dr. Wiener. A tummy tuck is used to correct a number of issues, including skin sagging and stretching of the muscle wall of the abdomen after issues such as pregnancy or significant weight loss. It needs to be discovered what is causing the bulging of the abdomen, which can be caused by one of three things:  excess fat, excess skin, or stretching of the muscle. Each of these issues need to be addressed. There are some plastic surgeons who will liposuction the abdomen at the same time as a tummy tuck when both are necessary. However, I do not because there are increased risks of wound healing problems which can be severe. Also, when liposuction is done at the same time as a tummy tuck, not as much fat can be suctioned and, therefore, more has to be left behind which can compromise the results of the tummy tuck. What I like doing when both are needed is liposuction aggressively first to get the fat much thinner, waiting five to six months for the swelling to go down, and then proceeding with a a no-drain tummy tuck, in order to get a better result. The best candidates are someone who will maintain proper weight through exercise and good eating habits because if lifestyle is not changed, then fat can come back and ruin the results of a good surgery. Also, other issues such as smoking which have to be stopped at least two months before a tummy tuck are important, and of course, there are certain medical problems, such as diabetes, that may affect wound healing and the results of a tummy tuck. The important thing is maintaining consistent exercise and good eating habits and a normal body weight in order to have the best results with a tummy tuck. If you are interested in a no-drain tummy tuck in Houston, contact us today to schedule a consultation.