3 Ways to Ensure Your Plastic Surgeon is Board Certified

By on 09/30/2015 in ASPS, Blog, Board Certification

For cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, the training that a plastic surgeon has is crucial to the outcome of your surgery and also to treat potential complications that can occur with any type of surgery. The plastic surgeon is extensively trained in reconstructive procedures including facial trauma, hand surgery, and cosmetic surgery, among other types of surgeries. Even though there are many doctors who are not plastic surgeons advertising cosmetic surgery procedures, the training is not the same. Just as a board certified plastic surgeon you would not want me doing your brain surgery, you do not want a doctor untrained without a full residency of plastic surgery doing your cosmetic procedures. There are a number of ways to check that your plastic surgeon is board certified. The main method is to go to the website for the American Board of Plastic Surgery at www.abplsurg.org. It's very important that these are the only words seen in the title. There are other so-called boards which are not real boards that use very similar words. But the words you should look for are American Board of Plastic Surgery. You will be able to look up the surgeon's name and find out if he is board certified. Another method is to go to either of the websites for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at www.PlasticSurgery.org or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at www.Surgery.org and the surgeons listed on these websites, when you do a search for the plastic surgeon, will be board certified. Board certification is a certification of higher level training and specialty training and this is just one more step in having an outcome that is desirable and safe.