3 Benefits of Liposuction

By on 07/16/2015 in Blog, Liposuction

Liposuction, or suction assisted lipectomy, is removal of fat through a small incision with a device called a cannula. There are benefits to this procedure. The major benefit is of course an improved body contour. Liposuction is not a weight loss technique, so a total body liposuction, even though there are some plastic surgeons who do what are called very large volume liposuctions, procedures of this size definitely have increased risks. The more common use for liposuction is to reduce areas of fatty excess that are resistant to loss through exercise and good eating habits. Even with liposuction for reduction of specific areas of the body rather than large volume liposuction, both of these procedures reduce the total body fat content. Some of the potential benefits of this are improved hormone balance because the fat in the body is an active component of hormone production. There are also studies in the literature showing that decreased fat content even through liposuction can sometimes help with issues such as adult onset diabetes, although it is not currently a treatment for this, rather than proper weight loss through exercise and common sense dieting. The third benefit of liposuction is preparation for other body contouring surgeries. Even though some plastic surgeons will liposuction the abdomen at the same time as a tummy tuck, I will not because this can increase the risk of serious wound healing problems, and also when done at the same time the liposuction can not be done as aggressively and therefore more fat is left behind. Therefore, in these types of procedures I actually liposuction very aggressively over the abdomen first and follow that a few months later by the tummy tuck. This gives a much improved result because the fat is thinner and therefore the results of the tummy tuck are more pronounced.